Monday, May 21, 2012


I don’t have to tell you that FaceBook is now the largest most popular social network online. The company is now worth billions of dollars. Imagine if you had the opportunity to grab shares in FaceBook really cheap, or for free when it first launched – you’d be setting pretty good right now wouldn’t you?

Something is getting viral on and offline these days and it is called Zurker which is claimed to be developed by the twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who famously sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea that became a sensation called Facebook.

Zurker is a new social networking site like facebook, which is co-ownered by its user. You become co-owner when you join it and its completely free to join. Zurker is still on beta version so you cannot join Zurker directly, the invitation link is necessary for every member to join.

This is the Link :

Zurker was launched recently and some think it may rival FaceBook, or may even replace it just as FaceBook did MySpace. With all the changes being made in FaceBook, the discontentment, and people leaving by the hundreds of thousands – this new social network may be what millions are looking for.

I checked out and joined Zurker today (quite late, maybe) and found the idea quite impressive. Since it is in a beta phase, therefore definitely lot has to be improved in the implementation because I did not find the interface as handy as Facebook or Google+ but the idea is important.

People are still joining FaceBook and making it popular, so it’s still sitting at the top of the social network chain, and enjoying the privileges thereof. So, it’s going to be hard to compete with. Many have tried, and nothing has come close yet. However, getting back to Zurker, what if it only does a tenth as good as FaceBook, and you owned shares in the company that didn’t cost you anything – you could be setting pretty good in the near future, couldn’t you?

Right now, the site is in beta launch mode, and they are being very generous with shares in the company. Right now they give you a share for each person you refer who joins. You also have the option to purchase shares in the company at about a buck each.

A unique way of promotion is used in which every user is been made owner of the website and the idea is catching up quite quickly as one can now has an additional reason for spreading the word.

At the very least, it’ll be a change from all the negative that people are experiencing and complaining about FaceBook. Plus you should get to have some fun also. All in all, looks like a win-win situation to me. But all said and done, it is too early to pass a judgement on the future of Zurker. The thing will be a hit only if it is well made, maintained and if takes care of the fallacies of the Facebook as it claims to be doing!
It can presently be joined only on invitation; so if you want to check it out yourself, below is the invite to join Zurker! Share your first impressions!
This is the Invitation Link :

Sunday, April 29, 2012

falling for you

"There is a reason for every birth !
Cuz , there is a person for you, in this earth !"

Un thaai unnai karuvil sumanthu ,
Enaku munnae nee piranthu ..
En Uthattil uthithu ..
Uyiril kalanthu ..
Kangalil therinthu ..
Naan muzhuthum sarinthu ..
Endrum naaan unnai en manathil ninaithu,
Nam karuvai naaan sumanthu..
Eppozhuthum naam anbil vazha nilaithu !!
Nandri anbae ..
Ennai sumakkum un manam !
Enathu thollai ellam porukum unathu kunam !
Nee rasikum en pitham piditha pechu !
Theriyavillai enaku enna aachu !
Aaanal, MEIYAGAVAE nee illai enil , nindruvidum en moochu !

Valentine week !
Day 2 !
Not as sweet as we two !
When I say I love yo , say I too !
Amidst all trials, strongly !
I see we match perfectly !
And ... I am falling for you .. Secretly !!! ;) *wink wink*

Dear Valentine of Mine:
"The dawn broke !
The long wait was knit !
How I find meaning for anything so meaningless , which I were once !
Where I start meaning every word I say ,
even when life's craziest moments seems so serious !
Where I always wish your masculine hands would caress me
and I'd love to die in that killing look of your eyes !
The smile that brings back my smile !
Where every dawn reminds me of you .
Every silent night , talks to me about you .
So close .. you belong to me .
Where I could see you even with my eyes closed .
How I wish to see you when my eyes open !
To live with you , where our togetherness-moment would be paused !
To talk with you every night
and to wake up near you every morning !
God is great, for He has beautifully written our fate !
Yo always make me feel super fine !
My dear Valentine !"
Happy Valentine's week <3

I could see you in my laughs , my tears ,
my joy , my sorrow and
I will in every tomorrow ,
that is to come in all the ways of our life !
We would say "I do" amidst all the words of this world !
Under the good God's grace , who has joined me and you !
I love you ! <3

Jus born for you: 5 mins old (as last night) :)
"I could feel we climb the stairs of life together !
All the sorrows and drought to wither.
Let it stick to uS , the happineSs weather !
Cuz, I see in you my dearest Mother !"
<3 <3 <3 <3
"Un uthadugalal , en kannin neerai thudaithai .. ;) ;) <3

அன்புடையீர் ,
"அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்குந்தாழ் ஆர்வலர்
புண்கணீர் பூசல் தரும்."

உள்ளத்தில் இருக்கும் அன்பைத் தாழ்ப்பாள் போட்டு அடைத்து வைக்க முடியாது. அன்புக்குரியவரின் துன்பங்காணுமிடத்து, கண்ணீர்த்துளி வாயிலாக அது வெளிப்பட்டுவிடும்.
சூரியன் பிறந்தது நிலவுக்காக !
மழைதுளி பிறந்தது மண்ணுக்காக !
நீங்கள் பிறந்தது இந்த பெண்ணுக்காக !

பூலோகத்தில் மற்ற மங்கையர் என் செய்வர் !?
உலகில் பிறந்த ஒரே உத்தமரும் என்னவர் ஆயிற்றே !

உங்களை போன்ற அன்பை இறைவன் வேறெங்கும் படைக்கவில்லை !
இனி படித்தால் அது நம் பிள்ளை !
அன்பின் இலக்கணத்தை எழுதி, நம்மை இணைத்த அந்த தேவன், உங்களை காத்து, அணைத்து , செல்வம் அனைத்தையும் கொடுத்து நீண்ட காலம் வாழ ஆசிர்வதிப்பாராக !